"La Ginestra"

Here’s my last (?) tribute to Giacomo Leopardi’s poetry - and to Il Giovane Favoloso, the biopic recently presented at the Venice Film Festival.

This drawing - in which I portrayed Elio Germano as Giacomo Leopardi and Michele Riondino as his friend Antonio Ranieri - was inspired by one of the last poems Leopardi wrote, La ginestra o Il fiore del deserto (The broom or The flower of the desert). 

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"Il Passero Solitario"

"Quasi romito, e strano
Al mio loco natio, 
Passo del viver mio la primavera.”

The canto Il passero solitario (“The Lonely Sparrow”) is of a classical perfection for the structure of the verses and for the sharpness of the images. Leopardi contemplates the bounty of nature and the world which smiles at him invitingly, but the poet has become misanthropic and disconsolate with the declining of his health and youth and the deprivation of all joy. He senses the feast which nature puts forth to him, but is unable to take part in it and foresees the remorse which will assail him in the years to come when he will regret the youthful life that he never lived. In this sense, he is alone just like, or worse than, the sparrow, since the latter lives alone by instinct, while the poet is endowed with reason and free will. (from Wikipedia)


I hate the BBC

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"Ad Angelo Mai"

Inspired by the poem of the same name, written by Giacomo Leopardi (1798 - 1837) when Angelo Mai, a Jesuit philologist, found Cicero’s books on the Republic. This canto is a clear demonstration of young Leopardi’s historical pessimism, where heroes of the past contrast with the indolent cowardice of modern times. The decline of the world is described through a list of Italy’s best men of the past - Dante, Columbus, Ariosto, Tasso. Leopardi regrets the loss of all the beautiful illusions and evokes an ideal Italy as in Roman times, in stark contrast with the miserable political realities of his own time.

(don’t worry folks, I’m not going to draw every single poem Leopardi wrote)

So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand.

Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War (Richard Crawley’s Translation)

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"A Silvia"

Inspired by one of the most famous Italian poems, A Silvia, written by Giacomo Leopardi in 1828. There is no translation that can do justice to this wonderful poem, nor will there ever be. The canto is about a young, beautiful woman - possibly the daughter of a servant in the Leopardi household - who died prematurely. Her death became the symbol of the futility of Leopardi’s hope.

(I wanted to reproduce Leopardi’s original manuscript in the background, here’s the document)


Second drawing inspired by Il giovane favoloso (here’s the first one), the biopic about Giacomo Leopardi presented at the Venice Film Festival.

I really loved Michele Riondino’s performance as Antonio Ranieri, Leopardi’s best friend, and I wanted to remember, through the sparks of the background, both the ardent spirit of this young man and the fiery volcano Vesuvius, near which Leopardi and Ranieri spent some months together before the poet’s premature death.

Wonder Bar, 1934

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This is my second tribute (here’s the first one) to Hungry Hearts, an intense film about parenthood that I saw in Venice some weeks ago. Adam Driver’s performance is a compelling blend of love for his psychotic wife - beautifully played by Alba Rohrwacher - and worry for his newborn baby.

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Trying some new brushes…


My personal tribute to Il giovane favoloso by Mario Martone. I’ve seen it at the Venice Film Festival and I must say it’s not a perfect movie, but it’s about my favourite poet ever: Giacomo Leopardi.
I can’t decide between the two versions above: which one do you prefer?

Hungry Hearts

Back from Venice! Yay!
Here’s my tribute to one of the most talented actress in Italy, the amazing Alba Rohrwacher, who just won the Coppa Volpi for her performance in Hungry Hearts by Saverio Costanzo.

It’s Bloody Monday and we must Eat The Emmys!

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Venice Film Festival!

Hello, dear followers!

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Venice, where I’ll attend the Film Festival. This means that I won’t post many drawings in the next few days, since I’ll be far from my beloved pc and I’ll be writing movie reviews and interviews all day long.

I’ll be back in Rome on September 7. Wish me good luck! ♥

Commission for the lovely existingcharactersdiehorribly (specifically for the Mizumono Support Group). I loved drawing this happy Will with his puppies - and his whiskey, of course.

Oh, and he’s wrapped in a red blanket because, you know… It’s #BloodyMonday and we should wear something red to #EatTheEmmys.

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