if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case

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Here’s the second illustrated summary for the 4th season of Game of Thrones, part of a small project I’m working on for BadTv. Hope you like it!

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New sketch inspired by a promo image of Hannibal ‘s next episode, Su-zakana.

I sincerely don’t know what to think about it. Are Hannibal and Will going to restore their collaboration? Is Hannibal trying to threaten Will? Is he just comforting his former friend?

In any case, it seems that they are going to be very close to each other in the next episodes.

The title of this drawing is an Italian musical term that describes when several players in a group are to play exactly the same notes within their written part, as opposed to splitting simultaneous notes among themselves.

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I. The Magician

The card can mean that a manipulator is floating around, usually if it’s reversed. He may be a beneficent guide, but he does not necessarily have our best interests in mind. He may also represent the querent’s ego or self-awareness. He can also represent the intoxication of power, both good and bad. (Wikipedia)

I’ve finally finished the second Hannibal tarot card. I chose to draw Hannibal Lecter as the Magician, a very active and powerful card, that follows the Fool (here’s my version of this card) and usually symbolizes the whole human potential: persuasiveness, diplomacy, genius, craftiness, but also lie, deceit, ambiguity, lack of moral scruples and cruel manipulation.

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"Vide Cor Meum"

New sketch, inspired by this wonderful song by Patrick Cassidy. It first appeared in Ridley Scott’s Hannibal (2001), but it has been also used in the last scene of the first season finale of NBC’s Hannibal.

Here’s the first illustrated summary for the 4th season of Game of Thrones! It’s part of a small project I’m doing for BadTv. Hope you like it!

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0. The Fool

In many esoteric systems of interpretation, the Fool is usually interpreted as the protagonist of a story, and the Major Arcana is the path the Fool takes through the great mysteries of life and the main human archetypes. This path is known traditionally in Tarot as the Fool’s Journey, and is frequently used to introduce the meaning of Major Arcana cards to beginners. (Wikipedia)

Here’s the first Hannibal tarot card! It’s going to be a long project - there are 22 Major Arcana and I’m almost sure I won’t draw them all.

It seemed to me that this card perfectly matched with Will, who is (initially) unaware of the danger that is following him.

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Back to Sherlock!

Working on a new piece. And this is going to be quite sad. 


Everyone is drawing Game of Thrones. Me toooooooo.

And you are doing it amazingly well, honey.


Hand coloured images of Japan


"Everyone decides their own versions of the truth"

My simple tribute to Lara Jean Chorostecki as Freddie Lounds in nbchannibal.

P.S.: You should absolutely follow this wonderful blog: tattle-crime.

Quick sketch of Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones.

Hannibal 2x06, Futamono - La Recensione - ›

My review of Futamono for BadTv. In Italian, as usual.


Oil Landscapes Transformed into Mosaics of Color by Erin Hanson

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